Celebrate Pancake Day with GSG

It’s Pancake Day on Tuesday 25th February and to celebrate, our venues have created some unbelievable stacks for our guests to tuck into.

At Slim’s, we’re serving up a fluffy rainbow stack topped with fresh berries, chocolate treats whipped cream and caramel sauce for £7.95.

At Bold Street Coffee, it’s a delicious stack topped with butterscotch, banana and peanut brittle for £6.75.

Or if you’re vegan or fancy plant-based pancakes, why not try our vegan special, topped with chocolate fudge sauce, whipped cream and berries, also £6.75.

And at Bold Street Coffee’s sister venue Castle Street Coffee, located inside Maluco, there’s two specials.

Guests can tuck into a stack topped with strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream, or rhubarb compote, custard and whipped cream, both £6.25.